Nicaragua Jinotega Colibri Azul SGH EP is sourced from family-owned farms organized by the Asociación Aldea Global Jinotega (Aldea Global).  Aldea Global has more than 500 members and 47% are women. Revenues and invested in gender equality programs focused on healthcare and small business lending.  Colibri Azul is produced on farms surrounding the Cerro Datanlí – El Diablo cloud forest reserve that is home to more than 250 bird species, some in danger of extinction.  Aldea Global has invested in ecotourism and watershed protection projects as a way to preserve this natural resource.

Tasting Notes:
A bit rougher toned cup with some kick behind it. The mixture of smokiness, sweetness, a hint of bakers chocolate and floral tones in the cup mix to create a pretty wild and interesting cup. There are a lot of great flavors going on and when you have your first sip you’re going to want a moment to take it all in. The cup starts with some smoke, nuts, and sweetness – hints of caramel. The middle has just enough grapefruit tones to wake up your taste buds and then finishes with dark chocolate that lingers on your tongue. A great morning cup of coffee.

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